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Matakuliah Teaching Secondary School Chemistry
Gedung Kimia

Matakuliah Teaching Secondary School Chemistry


Being able to communicate in ‘chemical-education’ English adequately, is the main objective of this course. In order to achieve this Competencies the students should be competent in: reading, writing, listening and speaking in ‘chemical-education’ English; getting access to chemistry education resources; planning, preparing and developing chemistry teaching documents, involving curriculum syllabus, lesson plan, teaching ma­terial, teaching strategy and media, teaching/learning assessment/evaluation documents; doing micro-scale teaching.

Subject Matters

Basic English communication skills, ‘chemical-education’ English vocabulary and con­cepts, chemical education resources, articles in chemical education, and educa­tio­nal re­search chemistry teaching documents, microteaching in chemistry.

Objectives (Learning Outcomes)

  1. Being able to teach High School Chemistry by using English as the main communication medium, with an adequate quality of the results of learning.
  2. Having the needed knowledge and skills of good educational communication, mainly related to Chemistry and Science in general.
  3. Having the sufficient knowledge and skills of communication in Englis, both related to the grammar and vocabulary.
  4. Having an adequate managerial skills to handle problems which evolve in the teaching-learning activity, both related to the chemistry materials and the communication problems.


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